Is your doctor CAUSING your migraines?

Think Floyd Mayweather has a vicious punch?

His fists are nothing compared to the brutal blow of a migraine headache. When you get clocked with a migraine -- POW! -- you're down for the count.

The millions of Americans who suffer from these debilitating headaches are in desperate need of help. Yet new research shows they're getting the exact opposite!

Opioid painkillers not only DON'T work for migraines, but they can actually make the headaches WORSE. One study found regular use of the drugs can make migraines more frequent and more severe over the long haul.

But that hasn't stopped doctors from dishing them out. They haven't even paused.

The newest study finds 15 percent of migraine patients are getting opioid painkillers, which would add up to roughly 5.5 million Americans given a dangerous and ineffective treatment.

And even when the drugs "work," life's no picnic.

In the short-term, opioids can make you loopy and "high." Over the medium-term, your body quickly builds tolerance, so you need higher doses to get the same level of relief.

And over the long-term, that can lead to addiction as well as overdose and death. You might think that can't happen to you, but 2 million Americans are addicted to these drugs right now.

Most of them aren't your stereotypical "junkies."

They're normal people -- just like you -- who were just looking for some pain relief.

Instead, they stepped into a nightmare.

It's become so terrible... and taken such a toll... that last month, President Donald Trump declared opioid addiction to be a national emergency.

If you're suffering from migraines, your best bet is to steer clear of these pain pills and make sure you're never part of this emergency.

You certainly don't need the other mainstream answers for the headaches, either -- which, in many ways, are almost as bad as opioid drugs.

You need real and lasting help, and I've got it.

Most doctors think of migraines as some kind of medical mystery. Even when they can figure out the "trigger" -- like a late-summer heat wave -- they still don't know the true "cause" of the headaches.

In some cases, it could be a hidden additive in food. In others, it could be an undiagnosed nutritional deficiency, especially in vitamin D, CoQ10 and/or magnesium.

Work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can help you find the cause and fix it naturally.

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