Add years to your life with this one dinner hack

It's the SIMPLEST of changes... with the BIGGEST of benefits.

New research reveals one quick and highly effective way to FIGHT today's deadliest chronic diseases and WIN!

This "treatment" is so powerful that it can cut your risk of death -- and so effective, that if it were a drug it would cost a small fortune.

But it's not a drug. It's not even a vitamin.

It's one quick trick you can do at mealtime -- a small change to your plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And it's so simple, that you're going to laugh when I share it with you.

Ready for it?

It's to eat just a little more fresh produce and legumes. Fruit, vegetables, beans and such.

I know, I know. Of course, this stuff is healthy. That's not news!

But here's what IS new: The study shows how you don't have to stuff your face with greens or turn into a sprout-loving vegetarian to get the benefits.

You don't even have to make any dramatic changes at all.

Just one small serving at each meal -- three a day -- is all it takes to get major life-extending benefits, cutting your risk of premature death from all causes... including heart disease... by 19 percent!

Since produce is so healthy, you might think eating even more will give you a bigger benefit.

In reality, it won't. The benefits max out at three or four servings a day... with one exception.

Add some legumes to your plate -- just once a day, maybe a handful of beans tossed into your salad -- and your risk of an early death will plunge by 26 percent.

Of course, you CAN eat more of them if you like fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

I sure do.

But what makes the study so remarkable is that it shows how you don't have to completely remake your diet to cut your risk. These are small changes that anyone can make quickly and easily.

Now that you know what you need, make sure you get it.

Too many people, especially older folks, eat produce just once or twice a day. Or they mistakenly consider something like a potato to be a vegetable.

It's not really a vegetable. It's the simplest starch you can find... and while everyone loves French fries, we all know they're not good for us.

So make just a little more of an effort to get those three or four servings per day with a fist-sized portion at every meal and maybe have a piece of fruit for a snack.

You won't just have better meals and a slimmer waistline.

As the new study shows, you'll get a longer life!