Diabetes? Here's how you might lose a limb

This summer, docs around the country quickly took patients with diabetes off a popular drug after a horrific "side effect" was exposed in an FDA safety bulletin.

Canagliflozin -- a.k.a. Invokana -- can DOUBLE your risk of a lower limb amputation.

If your doc switched you off that med, you might be breathing a deep sigh of relief that you're not going to lose a foot or leg.

But don't rest easy yet, my friend.

Turns out that "new" and "better" drug might not be "new" and "better" after all.

It could be just as dangerous... and maybe even worse!

Amputations used to be a common risk of diabetes. There was a time when people fighting this disease often lost feet and even both legs to the disease.

In recent years, as care got better, that risk dropped.

Then this new drug came along, and that bad old risk was back for more, as patients who suffered from this disease started losing feet and legs all over again.

The new report finds that the FDA's warning earlier this year caused many doctors to take their patients off canagliflozin.

That's certainly the right move.

But as the same new report notes, the problem may not be limited to this one lone drug .

It's part of a newer class of medication called SGLT2 inhibitors, and it seems like most (or maybe even all) of the drugs in this category could also increase your odds of amputation. One study out of Europe found at least three SGLT2 inhibitors could lead to the same risk.

So, if your doc simply switched you to another SGLT2 drug, you could STILL literally lose a leg over it.

That means it's time for a little homework.

If you were on canagliflozin... and your doc switched to another med... find out if it's an SGLT2 inhibitor.

If it is, ask him what your other options are. Odds are, there's something safer you can take.

But don't just work to switch drugs. Work to reduce and even eliminate them.

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