Is your doc trying to profit off your cancer?

Guys, you know the good news about prostate cancer. If you have it, odds are it doesn't need treatment.

Ready for the bad news?

Odds are, your doctor might try to treat it anyway!

Despite the growing wisdom -- even in conventional medicine -- that prostate tumors can often be tackled with the "watch and wait" approach, men continue to get treated unnecessarily.

Now, new research shows why.

It's not because they NEED the treatment, of course.

It's because their doctors NEED customers!

The new study finds men with prostate cancer are much more likely to be treated with radiation when the doctor owns radiation equipment.

It's a little like asking the kid with the lawnmower if he thinks your yard needs a cut. Doesn't matter how short and trim your grass is, he's going to say yes. He wants that $20.

Some docs with radiation equipment are the same way... except instead of leaving you with a lawn just a little too short, they could leave you with something worse.

Radiation can't tell cancer tissue from healthy tissue. It kills both, causing everything from pain during and after treatment to lasting side effects -- including the two that many guys fear worse than death.

It can leave you so dysfunctional "down there" that you might have to live in diapers! And if that's not bad enough, you might have to kiss any notion of bedroom intimacy goodbye.

These problems can linger for years after treatment. And, in some cases, they can be permanent.

While some forms of cancer do need treatment, the new study looked specifically at older men with a 75 percent or higher chance of dying from something else long before the cancer ever has a chance to do any damage.

In other words, these are exactly the kinds of men who are perfect candidates for the "watch and wait" approach.

Instead, the study finds they're about a quarter more likely to get treated with radiation when the urologist or his practice owns or has a financial interest in the equipment.

The more expensive the equipment, the more likely the men will get treated with it.

If you've been diagnosed with this form of cancer yourself and have a doctor pushing you into treatment -- whether it's radiation or any other therapy -- do yourself a favor and get a second or even third opinion.

You might find that you'll be better off with the "watch and wait" approach, which can be even more successful when combined with natural therapies to support the prostate and fight the cancer.

A holistic medical doctor can help find the approach best for you.

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