REVEALED: Flu shot doesn't work in seniors

All my local retailers already have the Halloween decorations out, but the scariest displays in the store have nothing to do with ghosts and goblins.

At least we all know THOSE aren't real.

The TRUE chills come where you least expect them -- and, in this case, they're in the signs pushing flu shots!

Seems like every store -- even my local bank -- is pushing the vaccine on hapless customers, many of whom will line up to get poked thinking it'll protect them from the flu.

Don't get in that line yourself, my friend -- especially if you're a little on the older side.

New research confirms that it's about as effective as witchcraft when it comes to fighting the flu in seniors.

In other words... it DOESN'T work!

You've probably had that sneaking suspicion all along (especially if you're a longtime House Calls reader).

I'm sure you know folks who dutifully lined up for the shot... thought they had a flu-proof coating... then went out and got sick anyway.

Maybe it's even happened to you.

That was no fluke.

The analysis by Britain's largest public health agency finds that last year's flu vaccine did zero for seniors. They found the shot failed to offer any protection AT ALL against the H3 strain that dominated last year's flu season.

But they also admitted very quietly that older people simply don't respond very well to vaccines IN GENERAL -- which means even if last year's shot DID protect against that strain, you can bet seniors STILL wouldn't have been protected.

They claim the shot worked better in younger folks, but don't take too much comfort in that.

Public health officials all over the world like to play funny with the numbers to make the shot seem more effective than it really is, but the absolute reduction in risk in most years -- even good years -- is generally about 1.2 percent.

So, the shot WON'T protect you... but that doesn't mean you have to worry about getting sick.

I've developed a groundbreaking protocol that'll protect you from the flu -- and, unlike Big Pharma's ever-changing witch's brew, mine will work THIS year and EVERY year.

As flu season gets underway, take 600 mg per day of N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a natural immune-booster you'll find in any decent vitamin shop. It's been shown in studies to not only cut the risk of flu, but prevent infection even when you've been directly exposed to the virus... like when someone sneezes right in your face (Ewww!).

Nothing's perfect, of course -- so, if you happen to get sick anyway, this same natural therapy can help ease the symptoms and cut the duration if you boost your intake to between 2,000 and 3,000 mg per day while you are ill.