Protect yourself from the WORST antibiotic side effect

There are times when an antibiotic can save your life... and times when it can ruin it.

Too often, it can do BOTH at the same time!

Even when the drug does its job and wipes out an infection, it can leave behind a SECOND infection with a nasty little diarrhea-causing germ called C. diff.

Now, the latest research reveals a safe and natural way to ease the misery... shorten that secondary illness... and protect your rear end from one of the worst antibiotic side effects of all.

It's NOT another drug. Just a simple blend of probiotic bacteria can cut the duration of the diarrhea by a full day, when taken with an antibiotic.

That may not sound like much, but one less day on the toilet is one less day on the toilet.

More importantly, since many people who suffer these infections are in hospitals, a shorter infection could mean going home sooner.

As a result, that seemingly small difference of one day is being hailed by the mainstream as a game changer -- a way to make life a little easier for the nearly half a million Americans who suffer these infections from antibiotics every year.

And given that C. diff actually KILLS some 15,000 patients -- mostly older folks -- every year, this safe and natural treatment could even save lives.

But believe it or not, this new study doesn't tell the full story -- because the REAL benefit could be much bigger!

The probiotic blend given to the patients in the study was pretty good. It contained four helpful strains of infection-fighting bacteria.

But it didn't contain the most important one of all when it comes to C. diff -- and that's a probiotic yeast called Sacharomyces boulardii.

The other flaw is that the folks in the study were already sick when they were given either the probiotic supplements or a placebo to take with their antibiotic.

That's just plain too late.

If you're ever put on an antibiotic yourself, don't wait until you have diarrhea to take action. Get started immediately.

The day you're put on an antibiotic, start taking a probiotic supplement. Look for one with S. boulardii and continue to take it for at least a month after your antibiotic prescription ends.

Getting the right blend at the right time won't just cut the duration of your illness by a day.

It can stop you from getting C. diff in the first place... and leave you with a shorter and milder illness if you do get sick