This 'healthy' treat has a dark secret

It's the start of the season of indulgence -- full of candy, pie, and pumpkin spice-flavored everything.

Some folks think there's a short cut to limit the damage to the waistline: Just switch to "diet" soda to make up for the extra calories!

But new research shows how making that switch... even just briefly to make room for some candy, cookies, and pie... can leave lasting damage.

And that damage could set you on the path toward diabetes!

In the new study, 27 otherwise healthy people were given capsules to swallow three times a day.

Some of them got placebo capsules.

But others got capsules filled with an artificial "no-calorie" sweetener such as the sucralose often used in diet colas, coffees, and teas, as well as low-calorie desserts and snacks.

They didn't get much.

Each capsule contained roughly what you'd find in a 16-ounce soft drink -- so, overall, it was like having a "diet" drink three times a day.

Most folks wouldn't think twice about that. A fter all, it's a "no-calorie" sweetener. How much harm could it do?

Turns out... plenty!

The folks who got the fake sugar had real changes inside the body -- and not in a good way.

After meals, they had wild jumps in their blood sugar levels, a sign that the sugar substitute damaged the body's glucose response even if the sweetener itself didn't cause the spike.

Those extreme jumps in blood sugar are exactly what set the stage for insulin sensitivity, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Ready for the truly frightening part of this?

This study didn't last years. It didn't even last months.

It lasted just two weeks!

If these fake sugars can do that much damage in that short of a time, imagine what consuming them regularly would do to you.

Actually, you don't have to imagine: Long-term studies have linked no-cal sweeteners to weight gain, diabetes, and more. The new study only adds to the growing mountain of evidence.

If you want to avoid diabetes, avoid the sweet stuff in all its forms. Restrict your use of real sugar and avoid the chemical substitutes.

I know you're going to indulge a little in the coming months. We all are. The key in coming out the other side without a pumpkin-shaped belly isn't in switching to diet soda.

It's in using a little discipline to limit the indulgences to occasional treats instead of daily habits -- advice that's good to follow all year long if you're looking to avoid weight gain and diabetes.

Already have the disease? It's not too late to turn it around!

I'll have the latest groundbreaking research on a safe, inexpensive, and drug-free way to REVERSE the disease in Sunday's House Calls.

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