Beat diabetes in 8 weeks... without drugs!

Can you CURE your diabetes? You bet your blood sugar you can!

The mainstream has claimed that it's impossible. It's insisted that it can't be done. It's sworn up and down that the best you can hope for is to "manage" this deadly disease with drugs.

Well, friend, mainstream docs have just been shut down in a BIG way.

A game-changing new study published in a major mainstream medical journal is threatening to destroy the trillion-dollar diabetes industry.

It reveals a science-backed plan to beat this disease... and you don't need any drugs at all!

That sound you just heard is the "THUD" of jaws dropping throughout mainstream medicine.

Mainstream docs are stunned, but I'm not -- because this new study is based on the very SAME groundbreaking approach I've pioneered right here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

I've seen it work. My patients sure know it works. Now, the world can see that the real key to beating this disease isn't in pumping yourself full of insulin and gobbling dangerous drugs for blood sugar control.

It's in a strict diet.

Don't worry; it's not a forever thing. Sure, you will have to eat better once you've reached your goal, but the "strict" part of the diet takes just eight weeks (or in my clinic, much less time), leading to a loss of 33 pounds.

More importantly, the diet is so effective that by the end of those eight weeks, you may no longer have the disease by any standard measure.

It could mean the end of drugs... the end of the finger pricks... the end of the insulin shots.

More importantly, it's the RETURN of a normal life!

The new analysis of older clinical trials finds this brief period on the ultra-low-calorie diet not only triggers weight loss, but it specifically burns off fat around the pancreas.

That fat can squeeze the organ and cause it to stop pumping out the beta cells you need for insulin production. But the new study finds the damage isn't permanent.

Even if you've had diabetes for years -- even if you've had it for a decade! -- burning off that fat can jump-start the pancreas so the beta-cell factory swings back into action.

The studies in the new trial looked at diets that involved as few as 600 calories per day for up to two months, but in my own practice, I've found that most people don't have to cut back that far... and that the "strict" part of the diet doesn't have to last that long.

In some cases, as few as five days on an ultra-low-calorie diet can begin the reversal process.

Along with a carefully chosen fasting diet, my approach also involves close monitoring, supplements to ensure proper nutrition, and injections of human chorionic gonadotropin.

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