Speed weight loss with this simple salad topping

It's the simple secret to weight loss: Just sprinkle this stuff onto your food, and you can watch your waistline practically shrink before your eyes.

It tastes great... and it's available at every supermarket in the nation.

The secret? Plain old olive oil!

For years, researchers have been baffled by why the Mediterranean diet is so effective at helping people lose weight.

After all, it doesn't restrict calories. It allows for plenty of healthy, filling fats. It even lets you drink wine and eat chocolate (in moderation, of course).

Now, a new study reveals one of the key reasons for that inexplicably easy weight loss.

It's that olive oil!

While olive oil is loaded with healthy compounds, researchers from Virginia Tech have found that one in particular can speed your weight loss and burn unsightly fat right off your waistline.

It's a called oleuropein, and the study finds that it triggers glucose-stimulated insulin secretion inside the beta cells.

In plain talk, that means it helps with the entire process of managing sugar in your blood, ensuring it gets burned off instead of stored as fat.

Naturally, the researchers are already saying this may someday be used to develop new treatments for obesity.

Why wait for "someday"?

Olive oil is already easy to get -- and, odds are, you already have some on hand in your own kitchen.

The only problem is that most people only use it occasionally, and that's simply not enough to get the benefits.

So, let me give you three quick tips on maximizing the effectiveness of your olive oil.

  1. Look for extra virgin olive oil, and don't get the cheapest brand or a discount label. Believe it or not, many of them are mixed with lower-quality plant oils and some contain little to no actual olive oil.
  2. Once you've found a good brand, don't let it gather dust in the corner of your pantry. Keep it on hand and use it often. Cook with it... drizzle it on your vegetables... and work it into your meals.
  3. Remember: This is olive oil, not a miracle oil. You can't drip some of this stuff onto a bacon double cheeseburger and expect to lose weight.

Make olive oil part of a healthy and balanced diet -- ideally the science-backed, time-tested Mediterranean lifestyle -- and you'll find the benefits go beyond faster, better weight loss.

Olive oil will also protect your heart... slash your risk of diabetes... chase toxins out of your body... and even help give you stronger bone, cutting the risk of a fracture as you get older.