Your omega-3 supplement could be missing something!

We all know the deal on omega-3s now. We need them -- and if you're like most health-conscious people these days, you probably have a fish oil supplement handy.

But is it enough?

Not according to new research!

Even if you take it daily... even if you never miss a dose... you could STILL fall well short of what you need each day.

Researchers tested 200 volunteers in both the United States and Germany, including folks as old as 80 years old.

They found that almost no one had healthy omega-3 levels.

Just ONE person in each country reached those amounts.

The rest -- 98 percent of the volunteers -- fell well below, with many of them not even coming close to half of what they should have.

Doctors consider 8.0 to be the optimum level based on what's called the Omega-3 Index, but the average range in the American volunteers fell between 3.25 to 5.75.

Since Germans eat more fatty fish, their levels were higher, but not by much. They fell between 4 and 6.25 on the Omega-3 Index.

What makes this study alarming is that omega-3 fatty acids aren't some exotic new trend in natural health.

They've not only been around a while... they've gone mainstream in a big way in the form of widely used supplements.

If you're taking them -- and I hope you are -- you've got plenty of company, as omega-3s have become the top-selling supplement outside of the standard vitamins.

They're taken by roughly 20 million Americans every year. They're so popular that many of the folks in this study were almost certainly taking them and should have had higher levels.

But there's one likely reason they didn't.

It's not that the supplements don't work. It's that most folks don't get nearly enough of what they need.

Many folks think "fish oil" and "omega-3" are interchangeable terms.

They're not.

A supplement that promises 1,000 mg of "fish oil" might not have anything close to 1,000 mg of the essential omega-3s EPA and DHA that you need, so you have to read each label closely to ensure you really know what you're getting.

Some folks don't even look at the number at all. They buy a "fish oil supplement," get just a few hundred milligrams of omega-3s, and assume they're covered.

The lesson here is to be a smart shopper. Read labels... know what you're getting... and make sure you get what you need each day.

Speak to a holistic doctor to help figure out how much you should take.