How to QUIT your diabetes drugs!

Sick of your meds?

I'm sure you are -- and in more ways than one. You're swallowing so many pills that you feel as if you might gag and get sick.

You could get sick in other ways, too, from side effects.

That's irony for you: The treatments that are supposed to help you can make you feel downright awful in so many ways.

Well, friend, if you've got diabetes and are tired of all the meds you're practically forced to choke back several times a day... if you're sick of being sick from your pills... I've got a new study you need to see, especially if you're a little older.

It points you in the right direction -- to a path OFF of many of the drugs you're so sick of taking.

The new study finds older diabetes patients are often on far too many drugs they don't need, which can potentially lead to serious problems.

More than 1 in 10 older patients with this disease have blood sugar levels so low that even the guidelines say they should reduce or eliminate some of their meds... yet 86 percent of doctors NEVER make that change.

If you're a little older and your HbA1c levels are below 7.5 percent, the ONLY med you should be on for diabetes is metformin, according to the American Geriatrics Society.

Anything extra doesn't offer more protection. It packs bigger risks!

Too many unneeded medications for diabetes can lead to dangerously LOW blood sugar levels, which can cause confusion, falls, and even death.

Those are just the risks of low blood sugar. Each med also comes with its own set of side effects, from minor stomach problems to major health risks -- up to and including amputations.

Seems like every few weeks, I write to you with another warning about yet another diabetes drug!

But the new study shows how you might not have to worry about those warnings, because you might not need those drugs at all.

If your blood sugar is under control, talk to your doc about ways to limit, reduce, and eliminate meds. And if it's not under control, it's time to get to work.

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