How doctors make heart disease WORSE in women

Ladies, there's a form of gender discrimination out there that's far worse than anything you might've faced out in the workplace.

This one isn't about your salary... or even your job title.

It's about your HEALTH -- and if you end up facing this ugly "hidden" bias, you could end up paying with your life!

A new report shows how women don't get the same type of care as men when it comes to today's number one killer.

Docs can't recognize -- and refuse to even admit -- that they have a massive blind spot.

So today, I'm going to stand up and point the finger at mainstream medicine, because millions of women are needlessly suffering from heart disease, the killer condition responsible for 1 in 4 American deaths.

The reason they're suffering isn't because of something they did. It's not always caused by unhealthy lifestyle, bad luck or poor genetics.

The new report finds it's being caused, or at least worsened, by the total ignorance of mainstream doctors!

The study finds that women are much less likely to get diagnosed and treated early, when it matters most. Instead, they can literally go YEARS before they get the care they need.

By then, it could be much too late: Once heart disease IS found in women, it's often advanced so far that it's harder to treat and far deadlier.

Too many doctors still cling to the outdated notion of heart disease as a "man's disease," despite the fact that it's also the number one killer of women.

And many doctors STILL don't know that women can have completely different symptoms when it comes to the warning signs of heart problems.

Unlike men, who often have chest pain, many women have no pain at all in the chest.

They can have pain in the back or other parts of the body, shortness of breath, fatigue, and other conditions that some docs will assume is the sign of another less serious problem.

In reality, they have one of the most serious problems of all.

The lesson here? Don't let any doctor dismiss you or brush you off. If something doesn't feel right -- and you know what feels right for your body better than anyone else -- insist on making sure you get answers.

And if your doctor won't give them to you, find someone who will.

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