Don't stress over memory loss -- and here's why!

Worried about your memory loss?

Of course you are. The only thing worse than the frustration of the occasional "senior moment" is the fear that it could be something much worse.

Some folks panic over every little brain burp, terrified that it could be a sign of dementia sinking in.

Well, my friend, if that's your fear, you're hardly alone.

But I've got some good news today that I hope will put your mind at ease: You've probably got nothing to worry about!

A new study confirms a dementia "secret" we've seen before.

The unfortunate reality is that the very people MOST at risk are the ones who DON'T realize something's wrong.

In the new study, researchers tracked more than 1,000 older folks who ranged from ages 55 all the way up to 90.

These volunteers were run through the wringer with mental tests, memory quizzes, brain scans, and more.

As you'd expect at that age, nearly half of them had some form of mild cognitive impairment.

More than a third remained healthy, while nearly 200 developed Alzheimer's disease.

It turned out that one of the best predictors of who would end up in that last group was awareness -- or, in this case, LACK of awareness.

Folks with cognitive impairment who knew something was wrong were much less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

But some folks were almost blissfully unaware of their own cognitive struggles.

Overall, these folks were over two and a half times more likely to develop Alzheimer's. Even after the researchers made various statistical adjustments, they were still 64 percent more likely to end up battling full-blown dementia.

Those who were unaware of their memory loss also had problems metabolizing sugar in the brain, another potential early warning sign of Alzheimer's that docs might be able to spot on scans.

Of course, if you're a worrier, now you have something new to stress over. Maybe you've been losing you memory all along and haven't noticed it, right?

This is where your friends and loved ones come into the picture.

Take your cues from them. For those closest to you, ask outright. Ask them to watch for the worrying signs of memory loss and dementia, and if they spot something, don't waste time with denial or delay seeking help.

Immediate treatment with natural therapies such as nutritional approaches and chelation can often stop the onset of the disease cold -- or at least slow its advance.

Seek the advice of an experienced holistic medical doctor.

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