This diet fad is a diet dud

The other day, I saw a Christmas display in a store.

Christmas! In October!

I love the holiday as much as anyone, but this sure strikes me as early -- and Christmas isn't the only thing arriving ahead of schedule this year.

The daffy diet plans that usually hit the press around New Year's are also turning up and making waves.

They're a bad idea after the holidays -- no matter how much you've gained from the festivities -- and they're certainly a bad idea now.

The one making headlines today is especially lousy, because the study behind it doesn't even prove that it'll work for most people.

Here's the gist of the latest, and it's something you've no doubt heard of and maybe even tried yourself: Skip breakfast.

Take what mom called the "most important meal of the day" and toss it.

Hold out until lunch, and you can expect to eat more -- later than you normally would -- but the new study claims you'll still eat about 353 fewer calories per day overall.

Given the general rule of thumb of 3,500 calories in a pound, that means you could drop a pound about every 10 days.

Researchers claim it works a little like fasting, resetting the body to use energy more efficiently and fight off weight gain.

Sounds good, right?

Of course it does.

But you need to do to this study what they want you to do to breakfast... and skip it!

This study wasn't on folks like you or me.

It focused entirely on adolescent girls, who pretty much have athletes' metabolisms, and it lasted just three days.

YOU can't expect those same results, and the studies prove it. Skipping breakfast throws your body's appetite hormones so far off track that they won't be back in time for dinner.

You'll end up eating MORE -- not less -- and your metabolism will reset in all the wrong ways. So, even if you do eat less, it'll be much harder to lose weight.

That's why folks who skip breakfast tend to weigh more -- and obesity isn't the only risk. One recent study finds that folks who pass on their morning meal have harder arteries.

The less you eat, the stiffer the arteries.

That's not a diet. That's practically a death sentence!

Clearly, you need your breakfast. Just make sure it's a healthy one. Start with some eggs, as studies show that making them the center of your mornings will lead to less snacking and smaller lunches.

That sounds like a good way to diet any time of year.