Cancer docs push unnecessary radiation

Here's the ugly truth about cancer.

When you have this disease -- especially breast or prostate cancer -- your doc knows two things.

He knows you're panicking... and he knows you'll do just about whatever he tells you to do.

The result? He won't offer you the treatment that's best for you and your health.

He'll give you what's best for his wallet!

Two new studies on breast and prostate cancer expose the truth about treatment, showing how docs often push patients into radiation -- even when they don't need it.

The problem isn't just that it's unnecessary.

It's that the radiation itself can damage your immune system, weaken your heart, and set the stage for new and even more dangerous forms of cancer later on.

The first study finds that older women with early-stage breast cancer are often given radiation after a lumpectomy despite the fact that it won't increase survival or improve outcomes in most patients.

A stunning 90 percent of women over 70 years old treated for early-stage tumors... and 60 percent of women over 80... are given radiation treatments... even though studies show they do nothing for older women with these cancers.

Well, radiation might do nothing for YOU, besides leaving you sick and weak with side effects. But it will do something for YOUR DOC: It'll help him pad the bill and make a little extra money off your misery.

The second study shows that men with prostate cancer are rarely given clean information about the differences between their treatment options.

A full 80 percent DON'T know that active surveillance -- a.k.a. no treatment at all -- has the same 10-year survival rate as radiation and surgery.

That helps explain why most are still "choosing" to get treated, even when it's not necessary.

The study claims guys are going by "instinct" when they make a decision, but that's not really the case at all. Guys are getting information and advice, and they're getting it from a doctor.

And if he's pushing radiation, that's what guys are going to get.

The result? Men and woman alike are still getting zapped with radiation with alarming frequency, even when it's not necessary.

That leads to other major risks down the road, including a new cancer CAUSED by the very treatment you were given for the first one.

The new studies show why it's so important to inform yourself and not just rely on what a single doctor tells you. When you let him do all the talking, he might leave out a few important facts.

And your "instinct" might lead you right into his radioactive trap.

Do your homework. Get second opinions. And make careful decisions -- especially when there's radiation involved.