Cut your breast cancer risk by 42 percent

Ladies, it's being billed as the easy way to slash your risk of some of today's leading killer cancers.

One quick procedure, and you can wipe out cancer before ever has a chance to take hold.

I bet you're thinking there's a catch.

Of course there is... and it's a doozy!

The "quick and easy" way is neither as quick nor as easy as doctors would have you believe.

It's weight-loss surgery, as new research on older women finds that stomach-shrinking procedures will bring your overall cancer risk down by a third.

For some of the deadliest forms of the disease, the numbers are even more impressive.

Your risk of breast cancer will drop by 42 percent, while your odds of facing endometrial cancer will plunge by up to 50 percent. The same procedure will cut your risk of colon cancer by 41 percent and pancreatic cancer by 54 percent.


Don't fall for it! The real reason for the drop in risk, of course, has nothing to do with the actual surgery.

It's all about the weight loss.

Obesity is one of the biggest preventable risk factors out there. One new report from the CDC finds that extra weight plays a role in at least 13 forms of the disease, including some of the deadliest cancers in women.

The report links obesity to cancers of the breast, uterus, and ovaries in women... as well as brain, colon, esophagus, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, and thyroid in men and women alike.

The study finds that 40 percent of all cancers in the nation have SOME link to obesity!

Obviously, that makes losing weight one way to rapidly cut your risk of both getting this disease AND dying from it. But while surgery might help you lose weight and cut the risk of cancer at the same time, it can increase your risk of a whole lot of other problems.

There are short-term complications such as the risk of infection. Some people even die during the procedure itself.

Then there are the long-term risks that often follow surgery, including a common condition where the smaller stomach can no longer effectively absorb nutrients from food.

That leads to dangerous and potentially deadly deficiencies.

There's a simpler, safer, and far more effective way to lose weight and prevent cancer at the same time.

Try the Mediterranean diet. This healthy lifestyle is not only filled with many of the foods you already love, it's also proven to help shrink your waistline, protect your heart, prevent a stroke, and slash your risk of cancer -- including cutting your risk of the deadliest form of breast cancer by 40 percent.

The only knife you'll need is a dinner knife!