The bacteria that can wipe out breast cancer

Could the key to beating one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the breast actually start... in your stomach?

A new study suggests that what's in your gut could have the power to fight a tumor, protect your body, and maybe even save your life.

And it all starts with the smallest -- and often most ignored -- part of your health: the bacteria that live in your gut and other parts of your body.

You know that they help digestion. You might even know that they can aid with everything from mood to immune support.

Now, the latest research reveals how they might play an even more important role.

They can wipe out tumors!

In this first-of-its-kind study, researchers examined bacteria in breast tissue and urine in both healthy women and women with breast cancer.

They found that women with no sign of the disease have higher levels of a healthy type of bacteria called Methylobacterium in their breast tissue.

Women with invasive breast cancer -- the more dangerous stage of the disease when it starts to spread -- have much lower levels of this bacteria in their breast tissue.

There's also another key difference.

Urine tests revealed that women with invasive breast cancer have much higher levels of gram-positive bacteria, including unhealthy germs such as Staphylococcus.

That means bacteria tests could be used to not only spot the early warning signs of cancer... but also to help determine earlier than ever who might be at risk.

There's also one more possibility here that could be even more important.

The research team behind this breakthrough discovery believes there may come a day when probiotic supplements could be used to help PREVENT breast cancer.

But you don't have to wait for that day.

A healthy bacterial balance is often the key to preventing chronic disease, including several forms of cancer.

This isn't about a single strain of bacteria, such as the Methylobacterium found in healthy patients in the new study.

There's a much bigger picture here.

It's a little like setting up birdfeeders in your yard: Do it right, and the birds will come to you.

Treat your gut right, and you'll have the right conditions for good balance -- including high levels of healthy germs and low levels of bad ones.

Eat a healthy diet rich in natural foods -- especially sources of fiber, which help feed the good bacteria in your gut -- and avoid the chemical-laden processed foods that can kill them off.

In addition, enjoy natural sources of probiotics -- such as yogurt -- and take a quality supplement with multiple human-tested strains of healthy bacteria.

Look for a quality blend from a maker you trust.