Is your tap water putting you in the crosshairs?

I don't think anyone deserves a pat on the back for making sure there's less arsenic in your water.

It shouldn't be there in the first place!

Keeping poison out of the water is one of the absolute most basic expectations we all have of the government -- the ONE THING it should do before all of this other nonsense it obsesses over.

If it can't keep the water clean and the roads clear, why does it even exist?

Yet right now, the feds are congratulating themselves over arsenic.

They didn't get RID of this poison. They only brought the levels down -- just a little -- and claimed the average level of arsenic in the urine of people who drink water from the public supply has dropped by 17 percent as a result.

That's led to about 200 fewer cases of cancer per year.

Less cancer is less cancer. I'm all for that.

But what about all the arsenic that REMAINS in the water?

That's still causing cancer, too, both in the short term and over the long run. Another new study finds that even just a little exposure to arsenic today can increase your risk of cancer for as long as 40 years!

Even if you don't get cancer, arsenic in the water can cause other forms of damage, too. One study a few years back found that the levels of arsenic that routinely turn up in water can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke by 50 percent.

That's just what's in the water, mind you. And believe it or not, water isn't your only source of arsenic exposure.

This poison is turning up everywhere!

There have been disturbing levels found in rice. I don't recommend eating rice -- it's a simple starch with close to zero health benefits -- but millions of Americans do it every day, and they're getting a dose of arsenic with every meal.

It's also been found in apple juice, which is even more dangerous, since it's often given to kids.

It can be found in tea, especially tea grown in places with polluted soil -- such as China -- and wine from all over the place -- including right here in the United States.

It's even been found in chicken!

Be careful about what you eat and drink, and make sure you filter your water with either a distiller or reverse-osmosis system.

Of course, cutting exposure now won't do much about anything that's already accumulated inside your body.

That'll take a little more effort.

A holistic medical doctor can test you for arsenic, metals, and more, and he can work with you on natural therapies to eliminate them from your body.

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