The secret side effect of cholesterol meds

First, they tried to ignore it.

When that didn't work, they tried to deny it.

Members of the mainstream have pulled every dirty trick in the book when it comes to how cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can actually cause diabetes.

But the jig is up now.

There's a new study out that they can't ignore, because it proves the link is real.

They can't deny it, either, because it goes a step further than all the rest and identifies who's facing the biggest risk.

It's exactly the kind of patient who can LEAST afford it!

If you're a little overweight... if you've let yourself go even just a touch over the years... you know you're already facing a higher risk of diabetes to begin with.

Odds are, your cholesterol is probably also a little higher than it should be, making you pretty much a poster patient for statins.

Your doc will try to put you on these meds. But, as the new study shows, you're exactly the kind of patient who SHOULDN'T get them!

The study finds that if you're already at risk for diabetes, taking statins for cholesterol control could shove you right over the edge.

They can increase your odds of getting the disease by 36 percent.

The new study is just the latest in a long line of research linking these drugs to diabetes -- and some have found an even BIGGER risk for certain patients. In women, high-dose statins could increase the odds of diabetes by more than 50 percent!

Now that the new study has confirmed the risk, the mainstream has moved on from ignorance and denial to a new strategy.

Don't worry about it!

They claim you should go ahead and take your statins anyway, pushing the usual line about the benefits outweighing the risks.

But do they?

I don't think so, especially when you consider the other very real risks of severe muscle pain, memory loss, and more.

Besides, there's really no reason to take these meds. There's a good chance your "high" cholesterol isn't even all that high. As you've read here in House Calls, LDL cholesterol isn't the "bad cholesterol" it's been made out to be.

You actually NEED it!

Sure, your levels can be too high. But they can be too low, too, and statin drugs can often put you smack in the middle of that danger zone.

So, how can you find the right balance and safely reach ideal LDL levels?

I'll have the answer in the December edition of Health Revelations -- arriving in your mailbox in just a couple of weeks.