Another flu shot myth... BUSTED!

They're getting pretty desperate now!

Mainstream medical agencies will say and do just about anything to keep selling flu shots, but it's not working.

Millions of Americans are rejecting the jab... and this year's vaccine is looking like no exception.

So, now, mainstream hacks are making the ludicrous claim that the shot won't just protect you from the flu. They want you to believe it's some kind of miracle serum that'll slash your risk of other serious health problems, too!

They're out with a new study that claims even if you DO get the flu and end up in the hospital with the infection, being vaccinated will protect you from other flu-related problems.

First, they claim vaccinated patients who are hospitalized with flu are less likely to develop agonizing kidney damage.

And second, they say, those same folks are less likely to end up needing a breathing tube.

But don't rush out for a flu shot yet, because there's a much more likely explanation for this: The folks who were vaccinated were almost certainly already healthier in the first place!

That's who usually gets the shot, but mainstream docs don't want to talk about that.

That would mess up their whole theory!

Besides, this isn't about spreading the truth. It's about marketing a vaccine no one wants -- and they've used exactly this kind of nonsensical tactic before.

Other "studies" have claimed flu shots cut the risk of death from ALL causes by as much as 90 percent.

There's not a chance in the world that ANYTHING can cut the risk of death from all causes by 90 percent, much less a flu shot.

Heck, the vaccine doesn't even cut the risk of death from flu by 90 percent!

You want to see the only number in the new study that REALLY counts? Of the 72 patients admitted to the hospital with flu, more than three-quarters had been vaccinated.

That, right there, is proof this shot isn't living up to the marketing hype -- because if the vaccine really worked, there's no way all of those folks should've ended up in the hospital.

If you want real protection from the flu and all the other nasty illnesses floating around this time of year, use natural products that boost your immune system.

Start with N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a natural immune-booster you can find in stores and online that can cut the risk of flu even when you've been directly exposed to the virus.

Take 600 mg per day during flu season to prevent the illness. If you happen to get sick anyway, boost your intake to between 2,000 and 3,000 mg per day while you are ill for a quicker and easier recovery.