Believing this myth can make you suffer in silence

"Food allergies... me??? I don't have any food allergies!"

Yes, many folks are often stunned when the test results come back -- and that's thanks to an old myth.

They believe not only that they don't have food allergies... but that they can't possibly get them, either.

Many people -- even many mainstream doctors -- think that food allergies only pop up when you're a kid and that if you make it to adulthood, you're in the clear.

Now, a new study shows exactly why I run so many extensive tests for food allergies, because it reveals what my own surprised patients find out when they get their results.

Food allergies CAN begin when you're an adult.

It's not rare, either.

In fact, it's incredibly common, with nearly half of all cases of food allergies starting in adulthood, according to the study.

These aren't folks who had an allergy all along and didn't know about it.

These are cases of NEW allergies that developed over time, according to the survey presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology's annual meeting.

Some of the biggest allergies are even more common than most people realize.

The rate of shellfish allergies is 44 percent higher than what was found in previous studies, while the rate of nut allergies is more than three times higher.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. One study earlier this year found that up to 1 in 25 American adults -- not kids, but ADULTS -- have a food allergy.

Here's the real stunner: All of those numbers are based on shallow mainstream testing.

My own more extensive tests show that many adults suffer from allergies and food sensitivities that most doctors flat-out ignore.

The mainstream, for example, only recognizes celiac disease and ignores the millions who have other types of gluten sensitivities.

Same for dairy. The mainstream believes you're either lactose intolerant or you're not, despite the fact that tens of millions suffer from other dairy problems.

And that's not even getting into the millions of others with sensitivities to common food additives and ingredients like MSG, aspartame, coloring agents, preservatives, and more.

Because many reactions aren't immediate or obvious -- and because of the lack of mainstream recognition -- most people simply suffer in silence.

It's time to speak up.

If you just don't "feel right," whether it's tummy troubles... mood problems with no obvious cause... "fuzzy" thinking or memory loss... even pain, especially in the joints, that can't be explained... speak to a holistic doctor about complete allergy testing.

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