Slash your risk of colon cancer with this one secret

It's the second deadliest cancer in the nation, killing nearly 1,000 Americans every week.

But you don't HAVE to die of colon cancer.

It can be detected... treated... and defeated.

The latest research shows one simple action you can take right now to slash your risk of dying from this disease.

Ready for the most incredible part?

This isn't some vague step that can lower your risk of getting the disease someday.

It's something that can work for you right now -- even if you ALREADY have this deadly cancer!

The key is fiber.

It's one of the most essential parts of the diet, yet few people get anything close to what they need each day.

The new study shows what happens when you do.

For every boost of 5 grams of fiber per day, your risk of dying of colon cancer will drop by as much as a third, according to the study of folks with colon cancer that had not yet spread.

That's about the amount of fiber you'll find in a bowl of oatmeal, which is a terrific breakfast this time of year.

Even better, that same increase in fiber will cut your risk of death from just about everything by up to 22 percent.

Fiber can help your gut in a number of ways, but two in particular can help fight colon cancer.

First, it can slash your levels of inflammation -- and inflammation in the digestive tract is a known risk factor for colorectal cancers.

And second, it can "feed" the bacteria in your gut that can fight off illness, infection, and cancer.

Both of these benefits can help prevent colon cancer. And, as the new study shows, they can help fight the tumor if you have one.

There is a caveat here.

You can get fiber from many sources, from fruit to grains. But when it comes to colon cancer, the study finds that fiber from fruit makes almost no difference at all (although it will certainly help in other ways).

The best -- at least in this case -- are the cereal grains, but don't load up on Cheerios or Wheaties and expect to get the benefit.

They're not exactly the best form of cereal fiber, even if they're both "cereal" in the supermarket sense.

Many cereal grains, even "whole grains," just aren't that good for you, and some are downright bad for you.

But a few are genuine superstars.

That oatmeal I mentioned earlier? That's a cereal grain. It's not only healthier than the others, it also won't cause your blood sugar to spike the way many grains (including whole grains) can.

For maximum benefits, get your daily fiber from a variety of healthy sources.

Along with helping to treat or prevent colon cancer, boosting your fiber can help slash cholesterol... lower blood pressure... cut your risk of heart disease... and even help you sleep better.