Alcohol even in moderation linked to cancer

This holiday favorite could give you cancer

Can you believe it? Four weeks from today will be January 1, 2018… and time to ring in the New Year.

That time will go by in a flash.

But don’t be fooled by how quickly those calendar pages are turning. You can do a LOT of damage to your body in just four weeks.

And not all of it’s as obvious as a couple of extra pounds around the middle.

During the festive season, the corks are popping, and the booze is flowing a little more freely than it does the rest of the year.

People who typically don’t drink may find themselves raising a glass. People who do drink often end up indulging even more than usual.

Some people seem to think that the holiday “spirit” is the kind that flows from a bottle!

“Why not?” they say, as they lift their glass in yet another toast. “It’s the holidays!”

Well, friend, today I’m going to tell you “why not.”

A little booze can go a long way when it comes to harming your health, and indulging even a little can cause invisible damage inside your body.

Now, a new report once again warns that any regular amount of alcohol — even a so-called “moderate” habit — can put you on the path toward cancer.

The new statement from the American Society of Clinical Oncology declares alcohol to be a “definite” and “firmly established” risk factor for at least seven types of cancer.

Ladies, you’re facing the biggest risk here.

A drink a day — the definition of “moderate” — will increase your risk of breast cancer by 5 percent before menopause and nearly 10 percent after it.

Guys, you’re not off the hook.

The report finds that even a “light” or “moderate” habit can increase the risk of head and neck cancers, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, and more in men and women alike.

The more you drink, the higher the risk — with some cancer risks jumping by as much as FIVE TIMES in women who have eight drinks or more per week and in men who have 15 drinks or more.

That’s slightly more than one a day for women and slightly more than two a day for men.

The safest amount of alcohol is clearly none at all. The idea that “moderation” is healthy is a myth cooked up by the booze industry to sell more drinks.

That said, I’m a realist. I know people like to drink, especially this time of year.

I think we can make a deal.

If you’re healthy… you’re not on meds that don’t mix with booze… and you’re not an addict (even a “recovered” one)… then go ahead and pour yourself a drink.

Just limit it. Once a day is too much. Once a week is probably too much.

But if you keep it to truly special occasions, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.