Beat diabetes with this DELICIOUS trick

The best way to avoid all of the risks of diabetes -- from amputation to death -- is to make sure you never end up locked in a battle with this disease in the first place.

Easier said than done?

Not exactly.

Turns out there IS an easy way to avoid diabetes and all that comes with it.

The mainstream thinks that if you're at risk, you should take diabetes drugs -- and suffer all the side effects -- in hopes of preventing the disease.

But as I mentioned last week, making a couple of small changes to your diet is actually more powerful than any drug, with benefits that last longer, too.

Today, I want to get into one specific change you can make. It's incredibly simple, and new research reveals how this alone could do more to cut your diabetes risk than anything else out there, including medications.

The secret is... to boost your antioxidant intake!

I'm sure you've heard a little about these age-defying, disease-beating wonder nutrients. They're found in some of your favorite foods, including berries and chocolate.


Don't go too crazy -- everything in moderation, right?

But if you can handle that... if you can add more fruit and veggies, nuts, some tea, and even a little chocolate to your daily routine... your risk of diabetes will absolutely plunge.

The study tracked nearly 65,000 French women in their middle ages up through their senior years for a solid decade and a half -- more than enough time to spot the long-term benefits of antioxidants.

That's also more than enough time to spot the long-term risks of missing out.

The study excluded coffee. It's rich in antioxidants, but some of them are hard to absorb, and the researchers wanted to see if they could spot a pattern from certain foods.

Did they ever!

Getting the highest levels of antioxidants from sources other than coffee can cut your risk of diabetes by 27 percent when compared to getting low levels of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, most folks today -- especially those who rely on convenience foods and processed foods -- don't get high levels of these nutrients.

They get low levels -- and, as the new study shows, that means they're at risk.

You could even be one of them.

The study also found something even more remarkable. That coffee? It didn't help.

In some ways, it may have hurt!

Women who had the lowest risk of diabetes of all not only ate the most fruit and veggies, they also drank the LEAST amount of coffee!

If you love coffee, that might be a downside. Then again, you also get some chocolate. Not a bad consolation prize.

Maybe you won't miss that coffee after all.