Is your liver trying to kill you?

You can't see it, feel it, or sense it... and without an imaging test, there's no way you'll even know it's happening.

But fat in your liver is dangerous, even deadly -- especially if it turns into a frightening condition called fatty liver disease.

I'll tell you how to turn that risk around in a moment.

First, let me share with you WHY it's so critical to put your liver on a diet, as a pair of new studies reveals two new risks linked to this condition.

One of them can kill you... and the other might be even worse!

The first study finds that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -- a form of the disease caused by poor diet rather than heavy drinking -- can increase your risk of several deadly forms of cancer.

Overall, this condition will increase your risk of any form of cancer by nearly a third.

But some risks are worse than others. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease will boost your odds of one form of liver cancer by more than 16 times.

The risks aren't limited to the liver itself. Guys, a fatty liver will double your risk of colon cancer. And ladies, that same condition will almost double your risk of breast cancer.

The good news is that while both of these forms of cancer are deadly, they can also be treated and defeated.

The second new study, on the other hand, reveals a risk that the mainstream is powerless to defeat: dementia.

The damage of fatty liver can creep right up into your brain, where it can cause your gray matter to shrink.

Now, that alone isn't too alarming.

All of our brains shrink a little as we get older.

But a faster shrink is linked to cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease -- and if you have fatty liver, it's not just shrinking a little faster.

You're in the express lane, suffering a shrink so rapid that it's as if your brain is more than four years older than what it really is!

As I mentioned earlier, there's no way to tell if your liver is accumulating fat. But if you haven't been eating especially well... and if you've built up some padding around your middle... then your liver is probably soaking up some of that fat.

It's time to turn that around by making simple changes to your diet.

The obvious solution is to eat better and lose weight -- but make sure you eat the RIGHT things, like healthy proteins, which can bring levels of fat in the liver down by as much as 30 percent.