Are you among the 300,000 Americans with this 'secret' disease?

It's one of the biggest cover-ups in CDC history -- one that could leave you or a loved one battling a crippling and debilitating disease.

At one point, the agency at one point even admitted that it hadn't been honest about Lyme disease.

Yet now, it's gone back to lying about it all over again.

Just a few weeks ago, the CDC quietly released a report claiming that there were roughly 275,000 cases of the disease between 2008 and 2015.

That's already a staggering number.

It's the population of a small city!

Yet a few years back, the CDC itself confessed that the TRUE numbers are higher.

Much higher.

At the time, the agency sent out a report saying that Lyme is 10 TIMES more common than it had admitted, striking more than 300,000 Americans every year.

That's more than the entire 2008-2015 estimate in a single year, every year.

We're not talking small cities anymore.

That's 3 million people infected over 10 years -- or more than double the population here in San Diego, the eighth-biggest city in the nation.

Because the CDC is playing games with the numbers, the disease isn't getting attention. And because it's not getting attention, people aren't getting tested, and they're not getting treated.

They're suffering.

In most cases, they don't even know what they have. Their own doctors don't know, because most don't test for Lyme -- and even when they do, they rely on one test with a notoriously high failure rate.

That means it's time to learn about the symptoms, so you know when to get help.

First, be aware of your risk. The disease is, of course, carried by ticks, so the risk is concentrated in states that have the bugs. Folks along the east and west coasts, the Gulf Coast, and Upper Midwest face the highest risk, especially in spring and summer.

Second, be aware that while the classic "warning sign" is a bullseye rash after a bite, many people never spot it... so they never suspect Lyme.

And third, it can take weeks before the first symptoms appear, so an infection from a late-summer or early-autumn bite could manifest itself right around now.

The most common symptoms are fever, headaches, pain in the joints and muscles, and fatigue. Many of the symptoms can linger long after the fever fades -- especially if the Lyme remains undiagnosed and untreated.

If you've been battling a mystery ailment and haven't gotten anywhere with your own doctor, visit a holistic medical doctor who can test you for all the possible causes, including Lyme, and begin treatment to get you back on your feet again.