How to stop and even reverse dementia

Happy New Year!

I hope 2017 delivered everything you wanted -- even if that winning lottery ticket hasn't quite found its way into your pocket yet.

And I hope 2018 is even better (and maybe that lottery ticket will turn up after all).

Most of all, though, my hope is for hope... and that you never lose it, even in the face of today's biggest health problems.

But the mainstream is trying to rob you of that hope, especially when it comes to dementia.

It's out with a new study that claims there's absolutely nothing you can do about this disease.

The new report claims to have looked at... well... just about everything: drugs, exercise, brain-training games, natural supplements, and more.

And it claims that none of them will do you a lick of good.

They won't prevent the disease... won't slow the advance... and won't stop the damage.

Well, friend, the mainstream is right about one part of it: Drugs can't prevent or reverse dementia.

But it's wrong about the rest.

There IS hope -- because there are safe and effective ways to prevent dementia from striking and stop the condition cold if you have it.

You just won't hear about these all-natural approaches from mainstream medicine!

One of the biggest "secret" causes of brain diseases including dementia -- ESPECIALLY dementia -- is exposure to toxic metals.

These metals are hidden in your food, water, and cosmetics. You might even be inhaling some of them right now, depending on where you live.

Once they're inside your body, they don't leave.

They move right up to the brain, where they can wreck the joint and cause the very same damage we see in patients with cognitive problems like dementia.

The mainstream will tell you that's where hope dies.

Once you suffer from that damage in the brain, it's too late for treatment, as the new study tries to claim.

But this is where there IS still hope -- because you can prevent the damage from striking in the first place, slow it down if it happens, and stop it completely even if memory loss is already kicking in.

And if those metals are involved, the answer is often in natural detoxifying chelation therapies.

This isn't the only potential cause of dementia. There are dozens of threats to your brain lurking out there. Some cases of "dementia" can even be drug side effects.

Whatever the cause, there is hope for nearly all of them, as a holistic medical doctor can work with you to detoxify the brain, replace lost nutrients, slow the damage, and even restore memory and cognition in some cases.

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