New warning over cellphone radiation

Once again, today's news is ripped from the headlines of yesterday's House Calls.

You know that I'm an advocate of keeping your cellphone away from your body as much as possible -- and now, a new government warning backs my advice in a big way.

The state of California is advising concerned residents to avoid sleeping with or next to a cellphone.

Maybe its officials have been reading my House Calls and Health Revelations!

Get it out of your bed, off your nightstand, and evict the thing from the room altogether -- because having a cellphone just inches from your head as you sleep is bad news for your brain.

As long as it's on, the phone is active. And as long as it's active, it's pumping low levels of radiation right into your skull.

That means sleeping next to a phone all night could be even worse than having it in your pocket all day!

Of course, the "experts" are all lining up to defend cellphones. Even California officials are downplaying their own advice, no doubt because they fear ticking off the tech giants headquartered in the state.

But I'm not afraid.

The "experts" will claim there's not enough research, which makes we wonder how they got to be experts in the first place.

They're either unaware of the science -- in which case they need to keep their traps shut and study up -- or they're deliberately ignoring it!

A 2015 study found that using a cellphone for 20 minutes a day will TRIPLE your risk of a rare type of brain tumor. Using it for longer periods can cause that risk to rise by as much as 500 percent.

The "experts" might dismiss that as just one study.

But it's not just one study: The year before, researchers found that using a cellphone for 20 years will double your risk of a type of brain tumor called a glioma, while using it for 25 years will triple that risk.

That's a long time.

How long have you had a cellphone?

If you're like most Americans, you've been using one for at least 10 years... and quite possibly 20.

And that means you could already be facing these risks right now!

I don't want you to panic. But I do want you to be careful, so follow a few safety tips.

Never keep your phone on your body for more than a few minutes at a time. Take calls on speakerphone mode or using a headset. Turn it off when not in use.

And never, ever sleep with it next to your head. Leave it in the kitchen to charge at night.

You won't just have less radiation. You'll get better sleep, since you won't be tempted to check it anytime you wake up.