The safest medicine in the world under attack by the FDA

This time of year, the only thing failing faster than New Year resolutions are immune systems.

Winter can take a toll on the body -- and, eventually, your poor immune system can't handle the viral onslaught of cold, flu, and whatever else is attacking you.

Next thing you know, you're sick with... well... maybe you don't quite know what it is, but it's something.

This is exactly when a homeopathic emergency kit containing a little something for everything -- from sore throat to fever to coughing to headaches and more -- comes in handy.

And this is EXACTLY what Big Pharma and its allies are working to steal from you right now!

The week before Christmas, when most people were too busy planning their holidays to pay close attention to the headlines, the FDA very quietly announced a crackdown on homeopathic medicine.

The feds claim that they have to act against these natural therapies due to the supposed "risk of harm."

They claim homeopathic remedies might be dangerous and should be pulled from the market completely.

I'd laugh if this weren't so darned serious, because the same know-it-alls now claiming there are "risks of harm" will also make the exact opposite argument.

Ask them to explain homeopathic medicine, and they'll tell you it's nothing more than water -- that the original substance has been so heavily diluted that nothing remains and can't possibly work.

Some of these angry hacks even pull publicity stunts when they "prove" homeopathic remedies are nothing but water by attempting to "overdose" on them.

When they take multiple doses at once and nothing happens, they insist that it's proof there was nothing in the medicine but water.

How can both arguments be true? How can homeopathic medicine be so "risky" that it needs to be regulated right out of the market but also "only water" and impossible to overdose on?

The answer is, of course, that neither is true.

Genuine homeopathic remedies from respectable manufacturers contain no toxic ingredients. And while they have been heavily diluted, experiments show that what's left is not just water.

Nobel-winning French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier found in experiments that homeopathic medicines contain different electromagnetic signals, proving that something remains behind in the water, even if modern science can't quite explain what it is or how it works (yet).

But it works.

There are also dozens of studies that show homeopathic medicine delivered properly can help relieve some of today's most common complaints with no risk and little cost.

Don't let the FDA or anyone else scare you or bully you away from these therapies. More importantly, if you rely on these medicines yourself, stock up now while you still can.