What every stroke survivor needs for a better, quicker recovery

It's an instant where everything changes... and you might never feel the same way again.

Surviving a stroke often means battling lasting and, in some cases, permanent damage -- and not just the notorious speech, nerve, and muscle problems that can leave you in pain or even disabled.

Some folks suffer from speech problems. Some lose the ability to move in certain ways.

But the most common long-term problem after a stroke isn't in your speech or in your body.

It's in your brain -- where you can lose memory, cognitive function, and, in some cases, the basic ability to think clearly.

That short period during a stroke when your brain is cut off from blood and oxygen can kill off critical cells and shut down entire regions.

It's like having the lights go out in a whole wing of your home!

Today, I've found the switch to turn those lights back on.

New research spots a simple, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective way to flip the lights back on and reverse the frustrating mental lapses that often follow a stroke.

And it's something you might even be taking already!

A new study out of China put brain-boosting, blood-pumping ginkgo biloba supplements combined with aspirin up against aspirin alone in 330 stroke patients.

The results should have EVERY stroke survivor stocking up on gingko, because the folks who took 150 mg three times a day improved faster, recovered better, and had a bigger boost in cognitive function that the patients who just had aspirin.

Over six months, they had better executive function, neurological function, and memory, which -- unsurprisingly -- led to a better quality of life on a day-to-day basis.

The reason is pretty simple.

As I mentioned, a stroke can cut off blood to parts of the brain -- but gingko can boost circulation to bring blood back to those "dark" spots.

Animal studies have even shown another way it can help: Gingko can protect critical nerve cells and may even stop them from dying.

If this were a drug, you can bet it every stroke patient would leave the hospital with a prescription for it.

It would probably cost a small fortune and come with side effects.

Not gingko.

You can get about six months' worth for less than 10 bucks, which is less than the price of a drug copay.

And the new study finds that it comes with virtually no real risk of side effects.

I hope you never suffer a stroke. But if you do, talk to your doc about gingko -- and if he signs off on it, don't wait.

Stop at a vitamin shop or drug store on your way home from the hospital and get started right away.