It's one of those cancers "they" just don't talk about.

Every year, nearly 65,000 Americans develop head and neck cancers, and more than 13,000 die of them.

The older you get, the greater your risk.

Or so we thought.

Now, the latest research adds a whole new risk factor to the formula, one that can boost your odds at any age... but is especially dangerous in your senior years.

And it's a risk factor you could be quietly battling right now.

Acid reflux and heartburn can do more than make you miserable every time you feel that painful burn in your chest and the bubbling acid in your throat.

That same acid can scorch you from the inside, leaving behind permanent damage.

Over time, that damage can turn into something far worse than reflux.

The new study finds reflux will TRIPLE your risk of cancer in the larynx (a.k.a. cancer in the voice box) and increase your risk of cancer in the pharynx (a.k.a. the very top of your throat) by 250 percent.

Reflux will also double your risk of cancer in your tonsils and cause your risk of cancer of the sinuses to soar by 40 percent.

All of these cancers have been linked to smoking.

Now, it turns out that reflux could be almost as dangerous for your head and neck as a cigarette habit.

There's no doubt that the acid damage in the throat is a big part of the reason for that risk... but I wouldn't rule out stomach acid meds as playing a role in this as well.

They've already been linked to at least one other form of the disease, with a study finding they can double the risk of stomach cancers.

And while some research has found the same drugs might actually help cut the risk of head and neck cancers, I'm not convinced.

These drugs are just plain too dangerous to trust.

You can cover all your bases by getting your reflux under control without the help of PPIs and other stomach acid meds, which can also lead to bone problems, infection, nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, and more.

There are much more effective ways to gain control over stomach acid, and it starts with a close look at your diet.

Many cases of reflux are caused by food sensitivities -- and not just the obvious stuff such as a heartburn attack after eating something specific, like tomato sauce.

Some are much tougher to nail down.

Work closely with a holistic medical doctor who specializes in comprehensive testing for food allergies and other sensitivities.

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