Ladies, what's your doctor hiding from you?

It's an ugly con that doctors and surgeons are using to enrich themselves... while hurting their own patients.

Now, a new report exposes the truth.

Women are being rushed into surgery for breast cancer, often choosing aggressive and invasive operations without getting all the information first.

And you're not going to believe who the mainstream hacks are blaming.

They say it's NOT the unscrupulous surgeons who use cancer fears to manipulate patients into surgeries they don't need. It's the patients!

But that's definitely NOT what's going on here.

Cancer patients are some of the sharpest, smartest people on the planet -- and if doctors allow them some time, they'll carefully research their options and make incredibly clear-eyed choices about their health.

Some of them end up learning as much about cancer -- and the treatment options -- as their own doctors!

Hmmm... maybe THAT'S why cancer surgeons don't like giving women too much time to think over their options.

They're afraid patients will figure out the truth: Early-stage breast cancers almost never need quick action, and in some cases, they might need no action at all.

Given some time, women might discover they DON'T need surgery.

That's not going to make surgeons happy, so you get what the new study finds: Many early-stage breast cancer patients feel rushed into making decisions, with up to a third saying that a fast decision is better than an informed one.

As a result, the study finds that more than half of all lumpectomy patients and a third of all mastectomy patients said they weren't fully informed before their operations.

Even worse, nearly three-quarters of women who had both procedures said that they didn't have all the information they needed.

The study makes it seem like women themselves are rushing into treatment.

That's nonsense.

If doctors told patients the truth -- that they had time to decide -- they would use it.

Don't let anyone pressure you into making snap decisions. Knowledge is power, and there's no such thing as too much information.

That's especially true when it comes to your health.

Get informed. Learn your options. Read what you can.

And visit a holistic medical doctor who can work with you every step of the way to inform your choices... help you make your decision... and work to limit the side effects of any mainstream treatments you may need.

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