This common breakfast item can turn prostate cancer deadly

Guys, it's time to wipe away that milk mustache.

Despite the feel-good ad campaigns, it DOESN'T do a body good -- and it's especially dangerous to one part of your body in particular.

It's a part that's very near and dear to you.

Yes, it's "down there" -- specifically, your prostate.

If you're among the millions who've been treated for prostate cancer, drinking milk could cause the ultimate nightmare.

It could increase your risk of fighting the cancer a second time around... and even boost your odds of DYING from the disease.

That's especially true if you have a few extra pounds to spare (and these days, who doesn't?).

The new study finds that drinking or ingesting whole milk four times a week can increase your risk of a recurrence of prostate by 73 percent if you're overweight.

And if you've let yourself go a little more... if you're very overweight or obese... your risk of a cancer return will TRIPLE thanks to that dairy habit.

That alone is bad enough. But the risks don't end there.

In many ways, that's only the beginning.

It's one thing to have prostate cancer, but since many cases aren't serious, most men survive the disease -- even without treatment.

Milk can change that in a hurry.

A previous study from the same team found that four servings of whole milk per week after a prostate cancer diagnosis will not only increase the risk of the disease returning.

It can DOUBLE your risk of dying from it!

When you include other forms of dairy, the numbers get even uglier.

Men with prostate cancer who have three servings of dairy per day are nearly 250 percent more likely to die of the disease than men who have less than one serving a day.

The researchers are urging guys to switch to skim.

But is that really the answer?

They're blaming the dairy fats for the risk, and that could be part of it, but I'm sure all the hormones in milk aren't helping either, especially since prostate cancer is so sensitive to hormones.

The better answer: Ditch the dairy altogether.

Even if you don't have prostate cancer, milk isn't doing you any favors, causing everything from digestive troubles to "brain fog" and more.

If you want to replace the protein and some of the fats -- the healthier fats, that is -- switch to a delicious nut milk instead.

You'll get great taste and glass after glass of good nutrition instead of a mustache full of risk.