One simple tweak for effortless dieting

It's hard to believe, but February is exactly one week away.

That's make-or-break time for your resolutions -- because 80 percent of all of those New Year's vows fail by Valentine's Day.

How are you doing on yours?

If you're like most folks, you promised yourself a new diet... and if you're like most folks, your resolve is already wavering.

Well, friend, today I'm here with some reinforcements. I've got one little trick you can do that can make it easier than ever to live better and eat healthier.

Get more sleep.

That's it. That's the secret. Just a little extra snooze time can give you the resolve you need to eat better so that you lose weight and get healthier.

The new study looked at folks in nearly every age group, from teens right on up to people in their 60s.

But despite the differences in age, they all had one thing in common: They weren't getting enough sleep, with most of them snoozing for between 5 and 7 hours per night.

Half of them kept their old habits.

The other half worked with a specialist on improving their sleep. With simple lifestyle changes -- and no drugs -- they spent nearly an extra hour in bed each day and more than 30 more minutes asleep per night.

No doubt, they felt more refreshed and energetic.

More importantly, as they slept more, they also ate better.

They cut their carb intake by an average of nearly 30 grams per day... and their sugar by nearly 12 grams.

That's almost 3 teaspoons of sugar less per day -- effortlessly erased.

They also cut their fat intake by nearly 4 percent when compared to the folks who didn't get more sleep.

Remember, these folks didn't make other changes. They weren't told to try to eat less fat and sugar or to cut back on carbs.

It just happened... naturally... as they got more sleep.

And it can happen to you, too.

If you're not quite getting enough sleep, start by taking a look at your habits. In many cases, poor sleep is often caused by a lifestyle factor from late-night TV to evening booze or caffeine.

Even using a cellphone, computer, or tablet before bed can mess up your sleep.

If you have fixed all of that and still struggle, you may need a little more help -- whether it's a natural remedy, such as melatonin, or a holistic physician who can find the cause of your sleep problems and work with you to fix it naturally.

And when you sleep better, you'll eat better too... and have a better chance of keeping your resolutions into February and beyond.