This supermarket secret can give you a younger brain

It was a stunning announcement from Big Pharma.

One of the biggest players in the game is throwing in the towel on dementia drugs!

It's giving up on the development of the meds, and others are expected to follow suit after spending billions on research with absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

But a new study reveals something that those drug companies still refuse to recognize, probably because they're not going to make back those lost billions on this brain-boosting secret.

There IS a way to protect your mind... slow the damage... and prevent diseases such as dementia.

And it costs just pennies!

You won't find it in the drug store, but you WILL find it in the produce aisle, as a game-changing new report shows how the key nutrients in leafy greens can stop and even reverse the damage of age inside the brain.

That's the damage that often leads to dementia, especially when it strikes at a pace faster than normal.

Here's your chance to turn it around and reverse the hands of time, and it doesn't take much to get BIG benefits.

Just one little serving of greens a day -- a half a cup of cooked veggies like spinach or kale or a full cup of raw greens such as a lettuce salad -- can shave more than a decade off the age of your brain.

In the new study, researchers tested nearly 1,000 Americans from the ages of 58 all the way up to 99 to check memory and cognition. Then, they asked about how much of these healthy greens each participant ate each day.

Researchers tracked the subjects for up to a full decade and tested to see how well -- or how poorly -- they aged.

Some of them kept acing those tests. It was as if time had stopped.

They had brains that seemed 11 years YOUNGER than the rest.

The difference?

They ate just a touch more than a serving a day of greens, specifically the kind packed with brain-friendly nutrients such as vitamin K, folate, and lutein.

Now, of course, you should eat your greens. Ideally, you should eat them every day.

But most people don't.

So, first, make sure you're not part of the "most people." Get your greens and get them daily.

To maximize the benefits, enjoy them with a little fat, such as olive oil or even actual olives, which will help your body to absorb those nutrients better.

Second, since it's so hard to tell how much of these nutrients you're getting, consider supplementing with these same essentials.

They can do so much more than protect your brain. These same vitamins can help preserve your vision, boost your blood flow, and even build stronger bone.

One note: If you're on Coumadin, speak to a doctor before taking anything with vitamin K.