New study puts mainstream diabetes 'cure' to the test

It's the quick-fix mainstream medical "miracle" that's supposed to solve ALL of your health problems at once.

Diabetes? GONE!

Heart disease? Defeated!

Obesity? Watch that stomach shrink away like magic!

But new research exposes the ugly truth about the benefits of weight-loss surgery for diabetes patients.

Much like a Vegas magic show, the illusion quickly fades, and you're back to battling all the symptoms of diabetes -- and then some.

The new study finds that stomach-shrinking surgeries DO offer real benefits over the short term for at least some of the folks battling this disease.

One year after surgery, half of all patients were able to meet all of their goals for blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

That's triple the rate of patients given the standard mainstream "lifestyle intervention" such as diet advice. Only 16 percent hit those goals at a year.

So far, so good for surgery. But a fight with diabetes doesn't last for one year.

It's an ongoing war that lasts the rest of your life... and it's an endless battle to SAVE your life.

By that standard, surgery flunked in a big way.

Just five years later, it was a whole different story, as 4 in 10 surgery patients regained much of the weight. More importantly, that weight loss... and whether they kept it off... almost didn't matter when it came to bringing diabetes under control.

More than 3 out of 4 were back to square one!

The study finds that 23 percent still had control over blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol after the surgery.

The rest didn't.

The mainstream, of course, is already making excuses.

Many patients are still better off than they were before surgery and better than those who didn't have the operation. Only 4 percent of the "lifestyle intervention" group hit their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol targets by five years.

But that's a false comparison.

The folks who didn't have surgery were following mainstream advice, which is almost doomed to fail. There are too many carbs... to many meds... and too many restrictions... making it just about impossible to follow.

If you've tried and failed on this "lifestyle intervention," you already know what I'm talking about here.

There's a much better intervention that's proven to work and effectively reverse the disease without drugs or surgery. A short detox period on a very-low-calorie diet, combined with supplements to ensure proper nutrition, can stimulate incredible weight loss and bring blood sugar under control.

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