The REAL secret to surviving a heart attack

The cholesterol-obsessed mainstream is going to have a tough time explaining this one!

Turns out, there IS something patients can take after a heart attack to slash their risk of serious problems -- including death.

And it's NOT a statin!

New research finds that high-dose vitamins given after a heart attack can help make sure you survive the aftermath.

This isn't exotic stuff we're talking about here.

It's not even expensive stuff.

It's the basics: "alphabet" vitamins like A, the Bs, C, and D along with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

The only difference from the multi you probably take each day is that this study used higher doses (but certainly not ones dangerously high).

This basic formula went head-to-head against a placebo. Over five years, the folks who took the real deal for at least the vital first year after a heart attack had a lower risk of just about everything you fear most.

In folks who WEREN'T taking statin drugs, the high-dose vitamins cut the risk of major cardiac events including heart attack and stroke by 38 percent. Death from all causes fell by 53 percent, while death from heart problems or stroke dropped by 54 percent, and overall cardiovascular mortality absolutely plunged by 61 percent.

That's not just big. That's HUGE.

One celebrated study on statins in heart attack patients found that the drugs cut those risks by about 20 percent. In other words, these ordinary nutrients are up to THREE TIMES more powerful than the drugs!

Vitamins will also boost your health in other ways -- by increasing your energy, improving your immune system, fighting off cancer, and more.

Statins, on the other hand... well, you know the score on those.

Folks who take them often end up doubling over with crippling muscle pain, fighting off mood problems, and staggering around in the haze of "brain fog."

Over the long term, statins can even CAUSE diabetes. That's the OPPOSITE of heart protection!

This new study is a potential game-changer. It should be front-page news around the nation.

Instead, it's getting hidden away, and I think I know why.

These numbers came from a government-backed study developed to test chelation, a detoxifying therapy that the mainstream absolutely hates.

It PROVED that chelation works in diabetes patients who've had a heart attack, cutting the risk of a second attack, hospitalization for angina, and coronary revascularization.

This landmark clinical trial even found the treatment can cut the risk of death by a stunning 43 percent!

The mainstream hates the study because it proves that chelation works. Now there's another reason for its members to hate it: It proves that simple vitamins work better than some of the world's most profitable drugs.

Let them hate it all they want. Just keep taking your vitamins.

As the study shows, they just might save your life.