Beat the DEADLIEST form of prostate cancer

Gents, I'm going to play travel agent today and send you on the cruise of a lifetime to help you beat one of today's top killers.

This little trip will not only slash your risk of prostate cancer... but also make sure you avoid the absolute deadliest form of the disease.

Our cruise today is through the balmy Mediterranean -- and don't worry if your passport's not up to date.

Although it's certainly a lovely destination, you don't have to actually visit the region to get the benefits.

But you DO have to bring a piece of the Mediterranean home to you -- specifically the scientifically proven and biblically based Mediterranean diet.

Turn your dinner plate into a delicious port-of-call every night, and you can cut your risk of the most aggressive prostate tumors.

In the new study, researchers examined the diets of nearly 2,000 men, including 733 who had prostate cancer.

Some followed the typical Western diet that's high in saturated fats, dairy, and processed foods.

Some stuck to what's known as the prudent diet, a more careful mix of foods that many people assume are healthy including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, juices, and low-fat dairy. (Spoiler alert: It's not nearly as healthy as the mainstream thinks.)

And some followed the tried-and-true Mediterranean diet.

At first, the researchers didn't see much of a difference at all, because many people don't follow a single diet all the time.

They mix and match.

Once the researchers sorted the "mixers" from the "matchers" and focused on folks who REALLY stick to a consistent diet, the differences became as clear as the Mediterranean sun.

Men who stuck closest to the Mediterranean diet had a much lower risk of developing dangerous high-grade tumors when compared to all of the other folks, no matter which other diet patterns they followed.

This isn't just good news for men all over the world.

It's an incredible breakthrough, since the mainstream is still stumped by prostate cancer.

Most of the tumors they find and treat are harmless. Meanwhile, they've made almost no progress in the battle against the dangerous tumors that really can hurt you.

This diet could be the difference, and all you have to do is limit or give up dairy, restrict saturated fats, and reduce your intake of red meat and carbs (especially processed foods).

Instead, turn to healthy fats from fish and poultry, and enjoy all of the fresh produce you can eat.

Follow it closely, and you won't just cut your risk of a killer cancer.

You can slash your risk of heart disease and stroke, too.