Fight the deadliest cancer... and WIN

It's one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the world, a disease so severe that it's all too often a death sentence.

Steve Jobs... Patrick Swayze... Luciano Pavarotti... Don Hewitt... and more all died of this deadly form of cancer.

But you don't have to!

One reason that pancreatic cancer is so deadly is that the disease often has no symptoms at all.

By the time it's spotted, it's too late.

Now, the latest research shows how to STOP this cancer BEFORE it forms -- so that you never get that terrible news from your own doctor.

It's something that will cost little money and take about a minute each day.

And if you're not flossing... and not getting regular gum cleanings from your dentist or periodontist... it's time to get started.

Three new studies find a direct link between gum disease and this devastating form of cancer.

The more severe the disease, the higher your risk.

Gum disease is more than just food stuck between your teeth. It's a sign of nasty bacteria at work, chewing away at your gums and rotting your mouth out.

One of those germs, Treponema denticola, can get inside your body and crank out an enzyme that cancer cells -- especially pancreatic cancer cells -- can use to grow and thrive, according to one of the new studies.

This enzyme does two things: It helps cancer cells break into healthy tissue to form tumors, and it disarms the immune system so that it can't fight back.

A second study confirms it, showing how patients with gum disease have a higher risk of death from cancer, especially prostate cancer.

And if you need more proof, a third study finds that severe gum disease will raise your risk of multiple forms of cancer by 24 percent, including lung, colon, and pancreatic cancers.

Believe it or not, that's GOOD news.

It's good news because gum disease is a whole lot easier to treat than pancreatic cancer.

The key is to act now.

If you don't have gum disease, congratulations. You're in rare company, since most Americans -- especially older folks -- have some degree of the condition.

Keep taking care of your teeth with careful brushing and flossing.

If you DO have it, there's still time -- because gum disease is treatable and beatable.

First, you'll need a "deep cleaning" from a dentist or specialist to remove the junk and restore health to your gums. And next, you'll need to take on some better habits at home.

Along with preventing pancreatic cancer, good oral hygiene can cut your risk of heart attack and stroke, and, of course, it can keep your teeth healthy, too.