Smoother moves in the bathroom without gassy laxatives

Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- can ruin your day so quickly and completely as a tough session on the toilet.

You can end up aching on both sides -- with cramps in your stomach and a very real pain in your behind.

Now, the latest research reveals one quick tip that'll help keep you regular and end the pain in both gut and butt from constipation and diarrhea.

It's not a laxative.

You know the score on those. They taste terrible and can give you the opposite problem. They can get things moving so well that you'll have to set up camp in your bathroom.

And it's not a fiber supplement.

While we should eat more fiber, you might know the problem with those supplements. They can give you embarrassing gas.

No, the real key to staying regular is in something smaller.

Much smaller.

The new study finds that healthy bacteria in your gut can ease the pain and frustration of both constipation and diarrhea, and they can do the job without any of those unpleasant side effects.

What I like so much about this study is that it focused on the most common forms of constipation and diarrhea, which are often the toughest to treat.

Those are the occasional troubles that seem to come and go on their own... without rhyme or reason.

When a stomach problem sticks around, there's usually an obvious cause -- whether it's a drug side effect or something in the diet.

We can find it AND fix it.

But when it comes and goes, it's a little tougher to nail down, especially since many people never mention it to a doctor -- or it's gone (for now) by the time they see a doctor.

That's where those bacteria come in handy.

The new study finds that supplement of a probiotic strain called Bacillus subtilis can lead to major improvements in folks with this frustrating and sometimes mystifying form of constipation.

Overall, volunteers who took the supplements saw their percent of "normal" movements jump from 54 percent to 64 percent. Guys saw an even bigger "movement improvement," from 56 percent all the way up to 80 percent.

That's good.

But we can make this even better.

While Bacillus subtilis is a good strain, it's just one strain... and there's only so much a single type of bacteria can do. That's why those numbers aren't as impressive as they should be.

The REAL key to good digestion is in having a wide range of healthy bacteria working together in your gut.

So, rather than go out shopping for Bacillus subtilis, look for a broad-spectrum probiotic that contains multiple human-tested strains in one formula.