The ugly truth behind CDC boss being forced out

There it is, the ugly truth finally laid out in the open for everyone to see.

The people in charge of the nation's health advice and initiatives -- the top bureaucrats supposedly protecting Americans from today's leading killers -- are literally PROFITING off of the diseases they're supposed to prevent and the drugs that are prescribed to treat them.

CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald was forced to quit last week because she was caught investing in the drug giant Merck -- as well as a tobacco company, a food distributor, and a health firm.

The bombshell report detailing these blatant conflicts of interest shocked the public.

But in reality, this is EXACTLY how the agency operates!

A report from a couple of years back found that 97 percent of disclosures filed by CDC advisors were missing critical information. In 2007 (one of the years looked at in that analysis), the agency failed to resolve 64 percent of potential conflict-of-interest cases among those advisors.

That's not all.

Shortly after leaving the CDC, one of Fitzgerald's predecessors, Julie Gerberding, went on to become the head of Merck's vaccines division.

Seems like that Merck name just keeps coming up, doesn't it? Makes you wonder if it's really just an innocent coincidence that the CDC loves hyping Merck products -- including the dangerous Gardasil vaccine linked to illness, disability, and even death.

That's STILL not all.

The current head of the Department of Health and Human Services -- the very person who announced Fitzgerald's resignation -- is a walking example of everything wrong with this twisted process!

He was at the agency before, rising to the level of deputy secretary under President George W. Bush. Five months after he quit in 2007, he became a lobbyist for Eli Lilly... and eventually the head of the company's entire U.S. division, which recently came under fire for more than doubling the price of insulin.

Now, somehow, he's not just back at the HHS. He's in charge of the place!

And that's STILL not all. Not even close! In fact, these are just A FEW of the most egregious examples.

HHS, the CDC, the FDA, and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies are so rife with conflict that it's no longer easy to tell where the food and drug industries end... and the government begins.

Bear that in mind every time the CDC urges you to get a flu shot (or any other vaccine, for that matter).

Keep that in your head next time your doc is excited over a hyped-up new medication just approved by the FDA.

And definitely don't forget that when a government bigshot from HHS gets on TV and urges Americans to do this or that to overcome whatever the crisis of the moment happens to be.

Be smart. Be informed. Ask questions. And make your own decisions.