Make cancer treatment side effects VANISH with this DIY therapy

It's often one of the worst parts of a fight with cancer... and it's not the tumor itself.

Many tumors have no symptoms at all. You might not even know that they're there without screening.

It's not the disease. It's not even the anxiety of knowing you have it.

No, the ugly reality is that the worst part of any cancer battle has nothing to do with the disease.

It's the treatment!

The very therapies that are supposed to save your life can feel like they're ruining it.

Chemo and drugs don't just make you tired. They can leave you feeling as if every last bit of energy has been sucked out of your body.

Today, I'm going to help you fight back with a safe and effective way to ease that soul-sapping fatigue -- so you not only beat this cancer, but you feel great while you do it.

All it takes is some light.

Not just any old light, mind you, but the specific wavelengths given off by a therapeutic light box.

They've already been proven to ease everything from mood disorders to skin problems. And now, the latest research confirms that they can help cancer patients, too.

Just half an hour of sitting under the warm glow of a light box can charge you up and give you the energy you need to face the day, even as you fight off cancer treatment side effects.

Many cancer treatments can disrupt your circadian rhythm, or the signals your body relies on to know when it's time to sleep and time to wake up.

That leads to a plunge in what's known as sleep efficiency, or the amount of time in bed spent actually in slumber.

Instead of hitting the pillow and dozing off, you can toss and turn all night long. Even when you fall asleep, you could wake up too often and/or too early.

Those 30 minutes under the light can turn it all around, giving your body the cues it needs to get back in rhythm.

In the new study, 86 percent of the cancer patients who got genuine light therapy early in the morning not only improved after a month, but they were able to get back to normal sleep habits.

Just 21 percent of folks in a control group given a dimmer non-therapeutic light saw improvements.

That makes the light box four times better than a placebo!

The only downside is that the effects wear off if you stop -- so if you have cancer, you'll have to set aside half an hour every morning during your treatment.

Light boxes are portable, safe, and inexpensive. You can find one in any medical supply shop or online.