Breast tumors LOVE this common food

Don't bring home the bacon, ladies.

No, I'm not about to say something controversial about women in the workplace. I mean that literally.

Bacon -- and all other processed meats, for that matter -- pack big-time health risks.

You know that. I know that. We all know that, right?

But many folks eat processed meats every now and then anyway, thinking that just a little on occasion won't hurt.

A new study shows just how wrong they are -- and ladies, this one's especially important for you.

Even very small amounts of processed meats... amounts so low you won't even think twice about eating them... can increase your risk of one of the leading killer diseases in women.

And if you eat these foods yourself -- whether it's bacon, sausage, lunchmeat, or even a pepperoni Hot Pocket -- you could find yourself locked in a battle with breast cancer.

Overall, the study finds that eating 9 grams of processed meat per day will increase your risk of breast cancer by 21 percent.

When they worked in results from 10 other studies, they also found an effect in older women -- with processed meats increasing the risk of breast cancer by 9 percent after menopause, even after accounting for other risk factors.

All from just 9 little grams of meat per day, which really isn't much.

That's just a third of an ounce, or the equivalent of two sausages -- not per day, but per WEEK.

Just have a sausage or a couple of slices of bacon with breakfast on Sunday and a sandwich with some lunchmeat once during the week, and you're already at -- or maybe far beyond -- that 9 grams per day average.

And that means you're already at risk.

Fortunately, this is just about the easiest habit to fix.

None of these foods are essential or necessary. They're just convenient -- and even when it comes to convenient foods, it's pretty easy to avoid processed meats by making some better choices.

Stick to fresh meats, focusing on healthier meats such as chicken or fish instead of those tempting sandwiches, sausages, and microwave meals (especially those Hot Pockets).

If there's any good news, it's that the study doesn't find any link between fresh red meat and cancer.

That doesn't mean you can load up on it. It's still a source of unhealthy saturated fats, but a lean steak every now and then is a reasonable indulgence.

Just don't wrap it in bacon!

That's one way this form of cancer is caused. Next up: How to PREVENT or even CURE it naturally. Keep an eye on your inbox!