URGENT: New warning for breast cancer survivors

It's the one thing they WON'T tell you about breast cancer treatments.

Sure, your docs will admit that you'll be in for some of the worst days of your life. They'll warn that you'll be run-down and worn-out with fatigue. And they'll tell you straight up that you could lose everything from your hair to your memory.

But they almost certainly WON'T warn you about what happens next!

Long after your hair grows back... and the fatigue starts to fade... one of the biggest risks of all will linger.

And your doctor may have never mentioned it!

Now, a new statement from the American Heart Association exposes the ugly truth about mainstream breast cancer therapies.

There's a deadly "side effect" that can damage your heart in ways that won't be immediately obvious.

You won't see it, feel it, or even know it's there until something goes wrong -- and by then, you could be in a whole new fight for your life.

And because these risks can take years to kick in, you might never even link it to your cancer treatment!

Now, the new 23-page statement warns that breast cancer therapies come with real, serious, and potentially deadly heart risks like abnormal rhythms, valve problems, and even one of the deadliest conditions of all: heart failure.

The organization is urging women to consider these risks EARLY -- even BEFORE treatment -- and consider making decisions based on those potential risks.

More importantly, it's calling out doctors and ordering them to stop pretending the risk isn't there.

It's practically commanding them to step up their game and monitor cancer patients more closely in two ways.

First, the AHA want docs to keep close watch during treatment and monitor for any sign of heart trouble. If anything pops up -- as is certainly possible -- it's calling on docs to slow and, in some cases, stop or switch treatments.

Second -- and much more importantly -- the organization wants doctors to keep close tabs on their cancer survivors long after treatment, since most of these risks can take seven years or more to kick on.

Any move to protect patients is a good move in my book.

But what's galling here is that none of this is new. The mainstream has known about these risks all along!

It's known and done nothing -- and I have a hard time believing that'll change just because the AHA published a statement.

That's why it's absolutely ESSENTIAL to have a holistic medical doctor on your team when you undergo cancer treatment.

There are safe and natural therapies that can help limit the damage of cancer therapies, from immediate side effects of fatigue and memory loss to the long-term risks to your heart.

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