Stop your cataracts... BEFORE they start!

It's one of the leading causes of vision loss on the entire planet.

And because it sinks in so slowly, you could be at risk for this condition right now... and not even know it!

Now, the latest research exposes one of the biggest risk factors for cataracts.

It's not just age, as most doctors will tell you.

It's not just meds, even though some of them -- including statin drugs -- can wreck your eyesight even faster than age.

It's another disease, one that 100 million Americans either already have or are at risk of getting.

It's diabetes -- and if you've got it, you could be developing cataracts right now, even if you've never so much as needed a pair of reading glasses.

The new study finds that folks with diabetes not only face double the risk of cataracts or more, but they can start at earlier-than-ever ages and become more severe when they do strike.

It's easy to see how it happens, too.

When you have diabetes, you're often struggling to keep up with all of the risks you're facing.

There are heart problems... pain problems... infection problems... and even a chance of amputation.

If that's not enough, diabetes can also wreck your brain from the inside, leading to dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

With all of those risks to worry about, it's easy to see why cataracts get overlooked.

By the time you realize what's happening, they're already forming -- and soon, you're left struggling to see. You may even be unable to drive.

If there's any good news here, it's that cataracts can be knocked out with a simple surgery.

It's certainly better than going blind... but it's no picnic, either.

But there's another option -- a way to avoid both the cataracts and the surgery -- and I'm going to help you do just that.

The new study doesn't show why diabetes causes those cataracts, but it's almost certainly the excess blood sugar, which can damage your eyes in any number of ways.

Keep your glucose under control, and you can help stop those cataracts from forming.

Even better, you can help cut your risk of diabetic retinopathy, another major cause of blindness. And unlike cataracts, retinopathy can't be fixed with a quickie operation.

Despite what your doc might tell you, the best way to control blood sugar isn't with your meds.

It's with your diet.

Make the switch to a grain-free, low-sugar, and limited-carb diet based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, and you can help bring your glucose under control and protect every part of your body... including your eyes.