Ease ANY pain with this ONE little change

Here's one from the Department of No Kidding: Lose a little weight, and you can expect to have less pain.

Not just certain types of aches, mind you.

Name that pain, and it'll disappear down the drain!

From common joint and back problems... to aches in your arms and chest... shedding a few pounds can help ease it all, according to the latest.

You don't say!

The new study finds that weight loss can even help improve pain in oddball places such as your jaw.

Now, of course, if you're already at your ideal weight, then losing a few more pounds won't make much difference when it comes to pain.

But that's not a problem most folks have.

The average American is now overweight or even obese, and those extra pounds are taking a real toll on your body, which is why the new study of 123 obese patients finds that losing even a little weight can dramatically ease just about any form of pain.

The study finds that you can see real and lasting benefits by losing 10 percent of your body weight over 12 weeks.

If you're at 200 pounds, that's just 20 pounds. If you're at 250 pounds, your target is 25 pounds.

If you can get it done, you can enjoy less pain -- and that's not all. The study also finds that weight loss can boost your energy and improve your mental health, too.

As I said, NO KIDDING.

OF COURSE weight loss packs all of those benefits. That same 10 percent drop in weight loss can also help with everything from sleep to hormone function, too.

And let's not forget that losing weight will also cut your risk of chronic and deadly disease, including diabetes and heart disease.

But it's the pain benefit that's getting all the attention right now, in part because the mainstream can't seem to figure out why it works.

Sure, it understands how losing weight can take the load off the knees, hip, and back and chase away joint pain. But its members are scratching their heads over why it can also ease other types of aches and agonies, including that jaw pain.

The easy answer is that extra weight -- and the conditions that come along with it -- are among the biggest drivers of inflammation in your body.

And inflammation is a major source of pain.

So, for maximum benefits, don't just lose weight. Lose weight with an all-natural diet with minimal processed foods, which can help to reduce inflammation more dramatically, leading to bigger, better and faster improvements in everything from your waistline to your pain levels.