Beat depression WITHOUT drugs

It's the ugly new push to get MILLIONS of new people on antidepressants.

Never mind that the drugs don't actually treat the CAUSE of the depression. Never mind that millions of people can tell you firsthand that they either don't work or don't work well.

And never mind that the drugs can rob of you of everything from your personality... to your appetite... to your sex life... with side effects that are often worse than the depression itself.

Researchers claim to have finally gotten "the truth" about the drugs in a major analysis of years of research. They say that all of the bad stuff you've heard is wrong, and nearly every single drug out there works for depression.

But don't gobble those pills just yet. This study had more conflicts than a night of pro wrestling, as the bulk of the research in the study isn't from truly independent sources.

It's from drug company-funded trials.

That sure explains it, doesn't it?

When you look at the truly independent studies, you'll find a different story. These drugs can struggle to beat placebos -- and even when they do work, the benefits are often so minor that you have to wonder if they're even worth it.

There's a reason that the drugs don't work very well: There are dozens of possible causes of depression, and the drugs don't really tackle any of them!

Sometimes, that cause is obvious: Something bad has happened, and you're left feeling blue because of it.

Those cases often need time, prayer, and supportive loved ones, as well as non-drug treatments like herbal therapies and homeopathic medicines.

Other cases are tougher to crack.

Some are caused by medication, including drugs commonly given to older patients for blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer.

The mood problem is caused by the drugs... and the mainstream answer is MORE drugs?

C'mon. That's just nuts.

In other cases, especially in older folks, depression is a sign of hormonal problems, often low levels of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

No antidepressant in the world will fix a hormonal issue -- so, of course, the drug isn't going to work.

But natural medicine can, with treatments that can stimulate your body into making those hormones again... or, in some cases, hormone replacement therapy to replace what you've lost.
Depression can also be caused by poor diets, nutritional deficiencies, undiagnosed illnesses, and more. The best way to beat it is with a doc who can find that cause and then work with you to fix it.

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