Groundbreaking study shows how to SLOW aging in your brain!

It's the stunning difference inside the brain that can practically STOP time, HALT aging, PROTECT your memory, and PRESERVE your vital cognitive function.

It's the difference between starting to slip mentally in your 60s... and hitting 80 while staying as sharp and vibrant as ever.

Doctors can't explain this difference. And only 5 percent of seniors have it.

But a new report shows how to give your brain a big sip from the fountain of youth, wiping out those frustrating "senior moments" and cutting your risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

The new report looks at the brains of folks in their 80s to see why a few lucky people manage to keep as cognitively sharp as people who are decades younger.

Researchers tested some 1,000 folks ages 80 above and found that 1 in 20 are what's known as "super-agers."

It's as if the normal decline that comes with time just doesn't happen to them.

While some scientists have thought that it's some combination of good genes and good luck, the new report finds another explanation altogether.

They have thicker brains, especially in the cortex.

As we age, all of our brains shrink just a little bit.

It's normal. It's also part of the reason for those memory lapses that come and go as we get older.

When it shrinks faster, it leads to more than just those lapses. The more cells you lose -- and the faster you lose them -- the higher your risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

The key is to stop the shrink, and the new study shows how it's not impossible.

That's just what these super-agers did, whether they knew it or not.

Their brains were shrinking slower, in part because of that increased thickness.

The folk with "normal" thickness, on the other hand, saw a more rapid shrink. On average, they were burning off brain cells at DOUBLE the rate.

That's a lot to lose.

But on the flipside, that's a lot to protect -- and while the new report stops there, other studies have hinted at how you can slow that process in your own brain and turn yourself into a super-ager.

Step one is to start using natural therapies such as B vitamins, which protect and enhance the brain AND have been shown to stop the shrink.

And step two is to get regular movement, including a basic daily stroll through the park.

One study I shared earlier this year found that people who walk more have increased thickness in the brain, much like the super-agers in the new report.

Yes, ordinary vitamins and a daily walk. It doesn't get any easier than that, my friend... and if you can pull that off, you could join the ranks of the super-agers yourself.