Beat nerve pain for good with one easy diet tweak

It's the pain answer that MILLIONS of Americans have been waiting for.

New research reveals one simple step you can take to END one of the most agonizing and relentless forms of pain.

Neuropathy is pain caused by nerve damage.

Those nerves can be disintegrating inside your body right now, and most docs will tell you that there's not much you can do about it except learn to cope when you can and take painkillers when you can't.

Those docs are WRONG!

There IS a step you can take right now that may help SLOW, STOP, or even REVERSE the nerve damage and END the pain.

It's not a drug, a vitamin, a skin cream, or anything else.

In fact, there's really nothing to buy at all.

The REAL answer could be in your food!

New research shows how gluten can trigger the reaction in your nerves that causes pain, especially the notorious "burning," "tingling," and "numbness" that so many people feel in their fingers, toes, back, hips, and more.

Some folks even feel pain all over their faces, as if they've just taken a few hits from an invisible boxer.

According to the new study, however, people with this gluten-sensitive form of neuropathy often see incredible improvements simply by making the extra effort to avoid these hidden wheat proteins.

The more committed you are to this diet, the less pain you can expect.

And if you can stick to a strict gluten-free diet, your risk of pain will plunge by a stunning 89 percent.

There's no drug in the world -- not even the most powerful painkillers out there -- that can deliver that level of relief.

But your diet CAN -- and along with easing pain, a gluten-free lifestyle can improve digestion and may even help you to drop a few pounds, too, which is why this lifestyle has become so popular in recent years.

Not all cases of neuropathy are caused by gluten, so the diet won't necessarily help everyone with their pain.

But there's good evidence that this could be a much more common cause of the condition than doctors have believed, and it could possibly be a key trigger of nerve damage in millions of Americans.

If you've been suffering from nerve pain yourself, try going gluten-free to see if you feel any better. Some people feel improvements literally overnight, but for best results, give it a month or two to take effect.