The FIVE forms of diabetes... and how to REVERSE them

It's one of today's most common and most devastating diseases -- a condition someone around you is almost certainly battling right now.

You might even have it yourself.

Now, new research shows a key reason that diabetes has rapidly turned into one of the biggest epidemics of the 21st Century.

The mainstream STILL doesn't even know what it is!

I've said for years that not all diabetes cases are the same, and I practice what I preach. I give my patients highly customized and personalized approaches that can help beat and, in some cases, completely REVERSE the disease.

Now, the mainstream is catching up... a little bit.

A new report finds that it's time to ditch the "type 1" and "type 2" designations -- because it's not one disease with two types.

This study claims that there are FIVE forms of diabetes.

The reason that so many people who get treatment still fail... the reason the condition often gets worse instead of better... is that doctors are still largely treating it like a single disease.

Instead of the two types, the new report says that diabetes really falls into five "clusters."

The first cluster is essentially what we now call type 1 diabetes. It's an autoimmune form of the disease that strikes when you're young, slamming the beta cells of the pancreas so that they can't produce insulin.

The others are all variations on what is now type 2.

Cluster 2 is similar to the first one, but it doesn't include the immune system problems. Cluster 3 is what we might think of as classic "type 2" diabetes, when obesity leads to insulin resistance.

Cluster 4 is a milder form of cluster 3, while cluster 5 is the growing number of patients who develop diabetes later in life, including folks who get the disease in their senior years.

The scientists behind the study are talking about treating patients with personalized medicine specific to their form of the disease and their needs.

I'd stand up and cheer... but that's where this whole thing falls apart.

For them, "personalized medicine" still means drugs, drugs, and more drugs: Trying different drugs on people to see if this or that helps a little bit more or less.


We can do much better than this.

Over-medication -- and in many cases the WRONG medication -- is the reason we're in this mess in the first place. This approach doesn't tackle the actual cause, only the symptoms.

Until that changes, they're not going to come any closer to curing it.

One prime driver in nearly every form of type 2 diabetes is exposure to toxins. Attack the toxins, and you can attack the disease.

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